A Day in the Life of a KO Project Manager

Not all days are the same for a KO Project Manager. How do we stay organized and move projects forward here at KO? It takes clear communication, organization and some trusty tools to get the job done.

We rely heavily on Basecamp to share information and assign to-do’s for our internal team. We also use it to streamline client communications, sending over files for review and share meeting notes and next steps. When we cannot meet with our clients in person, we turn to join.me to lead presentations as if we were in the same room. We also utilize all of the Google tools to keep our internal team organized and increase collaboration on projects.

Interested in what a day in the life of a PM looks like? Follow along on a recent work day:

8:47am: Settle into the office, grab a large cup of coffee, skim through email to get a high level of what needs to happen in the next hour. Urgent notification – client asks to switch time of meeting to later in the day.

9:15am: Prioritize task list for the day, check all internal team members calendars and switch  the time of meeting for client (send out notification to client letting them know said meeting time has been updated)


9:30-10:30am: Weekly production meeting to set up designers for success for the week and align on expectations and resourcing

10:35- 10:55am:  Basecamp notification: Files ready to proof. Pull up document, checks against client edits and sends minor edit back to designer with a note that the next RD is due at 2pm to meet advertising deadline.

11-12:30pm: Head out to store to shop for props for KO Studio for a client shoot later in the week. Furiously sends texts back and forth to Social Media Director for the next hour on which props to purchase. We both agree, “get the silver barware, glass and bowl. it’s all perfect”.


12:53pm: Back at office, grabs lunch from fridge on the way back to desk, checks email and a flurry of gchats come through “Help – client meeting starting in less than 10! Cannot get Join.me to work for client review, can you come into conf. room??”

1:02pm: Meeting starts right on schedule without any interruptions. Back to my desk to get caught up on emails and sort through who needs what information.

1:29pm: Basecamp notification: “Ad for client is ready to send to publication, can you give it a quick once over?” Checks ad – all looks good. Pings back on basecamp “No edits on my end. All set to send to publication. Thanks!”

2pm: Looks over and lunch is still sitting on desk. Time to take a break and then a quick walk around the park. Back to work, sending emails, organizing tasks and reviewing documents.

2:50pm: Checks clock “Sweet it’s almost 3! Oh no, it’s really, almost already 3!


3:26pm: Head into conference room to kick off a new project with the internal team.

4:30pm: Meeting wrapped on time. Time to take a few minutes and edit my notes and post to-do’s to Basecamp for team review. Back to emails and following up with the last items of the day.

5:15pm: Last check of Basecamp, crossing of completed to-do’s and make sure ones for the next day are set up for the team.

Start again tomorrow with a fresh cup of coffee, new set of tasks, emails and plans to make the work move in and out of the agency smoothly!