A Growing Market for Social Media Advertising

Millennials are getting a lot of attention from marketers lately. When you take into consideration that they recently became the largest living generation, it makes sense. But, that doesn’t mean that we should leave other demographics like Baby Boomers in the dust.

Baby Boomers should be considered a growth market for a number of compelling reasons. They are nearing retirement or have already retired, which means they have more leisure time and disposable income. They want to spend their time and resources on entertainment and recreation. They also tend to be fiercely brand loyal.

And…they love social media.

In fact, half of Boomers are on social media sites like Facebook. And they’re not just checking out their kid’s latest photos, they’re taking action. According to marketing agency DMN3, over 57 percent will visit a company’s website, more than 41 percent visited a store and almost 34 percent actually made a purchase.

This means that Boomers can be an incredible source of social media engagement.

So, if we can understand how Boomers interact and engage on social media we can potentially earn some of their attention and in turn, their brand loyalty. We put some thought into the best way to go about doing just that.

Three Ways to Effectively Market to Baby Boomers on Social Media:

1. Craft thoughtful content to build trust

Yes, Boomers tend to stick with the brands they love. But, that loyalty isn’t won overnight. It’s won through a consistent stream of high quality and helpful information. Whether content comes in the form of videos or articles, make sure that it aligns with Boomer’s desire for quality. When brands build trust, that builds an audience, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty. Triple win!

2. Utilize coupons and deals

Although Boomers have substantial disposable income, they still love a good deal. They are much more likely to make a purchase if they have some sort of loyalty discount or coupon. This is a great way to introduce Boomers to your brand and drive purchase.

3. Consistency is key

Social media may be a first touchpoint with a consumer, but in order to build trust and establish yourself as a credible brand, it is imperative to have a seamless experience from social media, to website, to in-store.  

Our key takeaway: don’t underestimate the power of Baby Boomers in the social media space. Boomers represent a huge engagement opportunity for brands that align with their lifestyle aspirations of leisure, quality and luxury.



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