Assets and Aesthetics: 5 Steps to Consistent Content

As an agency who works with a lot of small-to-mid sized innovative new brands, here’s a story we hear pretty often: We’ve got a great product. We built a brand with the help of an agency, and we’re ready to launch it in the world. I want to get started on building audience engagement online. Unfortunately, all of my efforts to date have eaten up the money I had earmarked for marketing. I don’t even know what to worry about or where to begin in building my social channels.

I get it. While the easiest and best solution for getting your social media channels up and running would be to hire an agency, it’s not always in the cards for a young company to spend that amount of money upfront. The good news: with some intention and planning, it’s absolutely possible to run your own channels and deliver meaningful content to your audiences. Our Social Media Director, Cassie Croissant, wrote a great introductory series about content creation that you should check out here: Intro, Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

One of the hardest things about content creation, however, can be maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout your assets. Here are five things you can do to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward:

  1. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Spend some time thinking about your audience and their daily lives, and aim to build a look and feel that is both an expression of your brand and a reflection of your audience’s aesthetic preferences. Finding the point of intersection between their lives and your values is the best way to create content that will both resonate with them and reflect who you are.
  2. Tell a story. Try a thought experiment: think of the brand as a person you know. What kind of house do they live in? What things do they own? Are they interested in travel? Painting a picture in your head of the brand’s personality come to life can sometimes help you answer the question, “is this something she would want to post?”
  3. Curate your props and settings. Long before you start shooting, it can be helpful to start curating your props and locations. Using Pinterest or another mood board creation tool can help you to see all of the pieces together. If you think about your target audience, your props should either reflect their current lives or the ones they would like to live. Look at the periodicals and sites that they read for inspiration.
  4. Look at the big picture. As you’re planning, take a step back and look at all of your post images together. Do they share inspiration? Even simple things like the quality of light, saturation of color, and use of pattern should be considered. Taking a step back and looking at the body of your work at once will tell you a lot about how consistent you are being.
  5. Keep going back to the start. Don’t forget to refer back to your brand guidelines often, and use them to ask yourself “does this content live up to the brand we want to be?” It’s easy for a brand to drift over time—and although some evolution is healthy and keeps a brand vital, you want to be sure you’re not losing your heart.


You’ve got this. And stay tuned, because we’ve got even more social media content coming next week when Cassie will be posting an article detailing more about how to plan your seasonal social media campaigns.


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