Client Work: Bob’s Red Mill Smoothie Matchmaker

Bob’s Red Mill has been the leading provider of whole grain and gluten-free foods for more than 40 years, and we are proud to have been working with them as partners for 19 years. In early 2016, Bob’s Red Mill announced a new line of plant-based Nutritional Booster Protein Powders, introducing a new category to the brand’s robust catalog and providing us with an exciting marketing opportunity.


To promote the new boosters, we set out to create a dynamic, engaging, and educational campaign that would bring the products to life and drive trial among new and existing Bob’s Red Mill consumers. Thus, “Smoothie Matchmaker” was born: an influencer partnership with superfood chef Julie Morris to create a diverse suite of smoothie recipes that would showcase the diversity and use cases for the four new protein powders.


In order to capture interest in the campaign, we created an interactive quiz where users answer three multiple choice questions to determine their “perfect smoothie match.” Based on their selections, they are shown a video and recipe featuring one of the protein powders in action, from Creamy Chilled Beet to Vanilla Pineapple or Spicy Tomato. Ms. Morris created 25 recipes in total, making for a robust library that users can explore and return to time and again.


The cornerstone of this campaign were the videos we created – 26, in all – with Ms. Morris. Currently ⅓ of all online activity is spent watching video, and we wanted to illustrate the ease with which the nutritional boosters can be integrated into delicious, healthy smoothies. That meant, too, keeping the videos short (less than a minute), so they would be easy to watch and digest quickly. We delivered the videos via a Smoothie Matchmaker website, as well as through social media, and have received over 266,000 views on Facebook and Instagram.


This campaign was also supported by our media relations efforts, which have generated over 3-million impressions to date. There were also digital ads directing users to the campaign homepage, and the content continues to receive engagements daily.

We are proud to have worked on such an engaging and educational campaign. We measure our own team’s delight and interest as a mark of success, and this campaign was as fun to work on as it was effective in achieving our client’s goals.


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