Content Creation: Where Should It Be Deployed?

Last time in our Content series, we talked about potential topics that might be appropriate for your brand to share with consumers. So now that the creative wheels are turning, it’s time to think about where that content will live. Not all platforms are going to be the right fit for your target market or align well with your brand. In order to decide on the channels that fit best, you’re going to first need a firm understanding of your target demographic and their behaviors.

Let’s pretend, as an example, that your brand is an organic CPG food product and you’re targeting millennials. Before you even create your first piece of content, you need to consider how you’ll tap into this fan base. What are their preferences? How do they want to consume content and where do they want to view it? Do they want to watch videos, comb through Instagram images, read a blog or follow Snap stories? They might want all of the above or a combination of a few. In order to figure that out, you’ll need to conduct background research into better understanding their behaviors. In this case, you’re going to find that millennials will be looking for your brand to share content on the latest and greatest platforms, and they’ll expect that content to be authentic and high quality. With that knowledge in mind, it’s time to begin testing content.

You might find success producing videos that showcase recipes, or you might gain a solid following on Instagram with professional, drool worthy dish images. Maybe you’ll decide to host experiential food focused events throughout the year and integrate Snap stories and geofilters into those gatherings. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to test the waters, keeping in mind that your content strategy should be ever evolving. If one platform flops, pick up on another one. The only way you’ll discover what your fans want is to let them guide you. Listen to them, adjust your strategy accordingly, repeat.

So now that you’re ready to begin creating and testing content, the big question is, how will you manage it? Tune in for our final post in this series to find out!


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