Content Creation: How Will You Manage It?

If you’ve been reading our Content series, you’ve already followed the path of content creation from deciding which insights you have to offer to examining the best channels for the deployment of that information. You should now be in the creative process readying yourself to push some brand new content live. This is when you’ll face the challenge of management, and this is where a Community or Content Manager is going to be essential.

Community Managers are responsible for the overall management of your content which encompasses an enormous range and amount of tasks. On a basic level, your Community Manager will be the person who oversees the deployment of your content, ensuring it gets posted and remains monitored for feedback. However, there are instances (like here at KO) where the person monitoring your content can also be responsible for its actual creation and seeing it through its entire lifecycle. Workload for this role can include things like:

  • Editorial calendar writing and scheduling for social media – In a lot of instances, most if not all of the posts you’re seeing on the brand pages you follow have been created and deployed by a CM
  • Asset creation -including photography, videography and design work -Sometimes your CM will be the person in charge of collecting or overseeing the creation of assets from a creative team and sometimes they will be the person producing it
  • Blog copywriting and management 
  • Online listening and engagement – For every comment that is posted online there is a Community Manager waiting to reply
  • Reporting

This is a role that requires flexibility, quick turnaround and constant monitoring. It’s a 24/7 kind of gig, so you’ll want to make sure the person you bring on to do it is ready to hit the ground running. If topics aren’t resonating with consumers, it’s the Community Manager’s job to recognize that and change course. And on the flip side, if fans are loving the content they’re seeing and interacting with it, it’s the CM’s job to stay on top of that engagement and make sure people feel heard and responded to. If you’ve got deep internal resources and a person that already has experience with this field of work, you might be able to tap into their talent and offer them this role. Otherwise you should look externally to hire someone within the industry or you can secure a strategic partner like KO, who can do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Content, or lack thereof, can really make or break your brand, but with the right insights, proper deployment and steadfast management, you’ll be well on your way to setting the foundation for building a successful digital presence.



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