Content Creation: What Can You Offer?

In our first post in this series, we explored the three big questions you need to ask yourself before setting out to create content for your digital properties. Today’s post will take a deeper dive into the first question ‘What can you offer’ to help you determine what appropriate content might look like for those channels.

Whether you’re an international B2B software company or a small local restaurant, there are opportunities out there for you to reach out to and engage with consumers. However, in order to take advantage of, or perhaps even create those opportunities, it’s important for your brand to understand what value it can bring to a greater audience.

For example, let’s say you are that global software company, operating in a field that most people don’t naturally speak the language of. Although the technicality of your business may seem like a roadblock to connecting with fans, it could also be the driving force behind your content creation. How? Well, you are a thought leader in your industry. You have deep knowledge and understanding of your products and the market and that is information you can be sharing with followers. Positioning yourself as a go to resource for things like industry news, product releases, how to’s and more will give consumers a reason to come to you when seeking information and entertainment, and once you understand what is already in your arsenal, and which additional content you have the ability to create, the sharing will easily follow.

Keep in mind, this rings true for any field. Those in the food and beverage industry can share recipes, trending ingredients and kitchen advice. Lifestyle brands have the perfect platform to share aspirational imagery and tips, and to easily double content via partnerships. When you begin to peel back the layers of your brand and the business you’re in, you’ll see there is a whole world of topics you can speak to. So the next step is to then determine how you’ll go about doing so. Check back with us to find out how in our next post!


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