How We’re Making a Difference in 2017

It’s that time of year to reflect and reset our intentions for the future. Here’s how some of our staff at KO plan to make a difference in 2017.

I support the cold weather shelter in my community both financially and by volunteering. It’s a safe and warm place for people to eat dinner, sleep overnight and eat breakfast. Serving others in our own local communities is a great starting point for 2017. ~ Hayley Smith

A new adventure for me – taking public transportation to work 2X weekly. ~ Robert Shepard

This year I will volunteer on the boards of Speak Shop, an organization that makes it possible to study Spanish through videoconferencing with teachers in Guatemala, and Construct Foundation, an organization working to ensure all children in Oregon have access to education that prepares to succeed in our rapidly changing world. I will also support causes I care about such as Mercy Corps and their work to help people overcome humanitarian crises around the world. ~ Cindy Cooper

In 2017 my husband and I will be stepping up our philanthropic game by donating a set amount of money to a different organization each month. We’re going to focus on a wide range of causes from pediatric cancer to women’s health to animal rights. ~ Cassie Croissant

In 2017 I will support Basic Rights Oregon by volunteering my time to raise money and advocate for change at the legislative level to make our state is safe for everyone. ~ Emily Kropp

In 2017 I will expand my support and leadership as a committee member of the Pearl District Neighborhood Association; to address and manage issues which directly impact the livability and safety of our Pearl District neighborhood. ~ Vicky Hahn

In 2017 I plan to volunteer my time for refugee organizations, so that those who are in need feel welcome and safe. ~ Carrie Pollard


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