On the Road: Expo West

1 million+ gross square footage of show floor

77,000+ natural products professional attendees

3,000+ exhibiting companies

700+ first time exhibitors

51,315 steps walked by just one of our KO attendees

113 countries represented

86 B Corps

That is Natural Products Expo West by the numbers. Pretty impressive, right? Each year, for more than twenty years in fact, members of our team have set out to conquer this mammoth of a trade show, and each year they’ve returned to Portland bringing new industry insights and, if we’ve been lucky, product samples. So what went down at Expo West 2017? Follow along to find out:


Trend Alert

One of this year’s major trends had brands rethinking packaging. Wrapping is no longer viewed as something we simply toss into the trash, but is instead being approached with a more conscientious eye. For example, Alter Eco Foods had their delicious truffles packaged in compostable wrappers, while Charles Chocolates took things a step further by offering some of their goodies in edible boxes. As an agency that has a rich history in packaging, we’re excited to see where this trend takes our future work.

Snack Breaks

When you’re walking over 20,000 steps per full day at Expo, fuel is required. And what better place is there to be when you’re hungry than a natural foods show?




Behind The Scenes Fun

One of our favorite things about Expo West is getting the chance to connect with brands outside of the convention center. We had a great time spending our first night out at Expo bowling with Goddess Garden. Did our Director of First Impressions bring her very own bowling shirt? You bet she did.


We also attended an insightful breakfast that was hosted by OSC², highlighting ways in which companies can take meaningful action to reverse climate change. The learnings we gleaned were incredible, and it didn’t hurt that the breakfast took place in a tent underneath the rays of that California sunshine.


B Corp Love

Last but not least, we were thrilled to see 86 fellow B Corps at the show. Congratulations to all who attended!


We can’t wait to see you next year Expo West!



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