Our Favorite Apps to Download Right Now

Where does the KO team turn to feel inspired, get organized and stay active? Take a look at our list of favorite apps to find out:

Megan Rolerkite, Account Manager: MyPostcard It’s not an app I use daily, but I love the concept and use it when I’m on a trip or want to send a note to a friend afar. You use one of your photos from your phone to create a postcard. You fill out the address, and a personal note and MyPostcard does the rest. They print, postage and mail your postcard from anywhere in the world.

Emily Kropp, Social Media Director: A Color Story Photo editing at its finest! There are a lot of fun ways to enhance a drab photo on this versatile app, including adjusting curves, shadow colors, and the temperature of your image. Plus lots of juicy filters, of course. #selfietime

Emma Alpaugh, PR Account Manager: Instagram Can’t go a day (or hour?) without it. I follow food and travel sites, friends, and a few celebs. I enjoy the visual inspiration and also seeing what’s trending in various industries. On a personal level, I enjoy staying connected with friends across the globe.

Britten Stark, Senior Accountant: Dragon Box I never really understood algebra until I found an app that figured out how to teach it without any numbers. It’s weirdly addictive.

Cassie Croissant, Social Media Manager: Digit Digit is perfect for impulse spenders, like me. It syncs with your bank account and saves money for you behind the scenes each month, sending you daily balance updates that really help keep your spending in check. But it also lets you tap into your Digit savings whenever in case you need to buy something VIP.

Cindy Cooper, Chief Marketing and Impact Officer: Words with Friends I love that every word you make is like a nano puzzle. That’s gotta be good for you. Plus, you don’t get sucked into playing for long because you have to wait your turn.

Rachelle Running, Art Director: Soundhound If I hear a cool tune I’ve never heard, or one I can’t remember, the app “listens” and can tell me the name, artist, and a direct link to download. It stores my history too, so I can refer back later if I want.

Caitlin Harrington, PR Account Coordinator: ClassPass I love browsing through the workout classes I can catch after work. If my day’s been busy, I’ll hit up a yoga or pilates class to unwind. For an energy boost I’ll find a barre or cycling class. I love it so much I’ve even got my desk mate here at KO addicted to it.

Hayley Smith, PR Account Coordinator and Project Manager: Instagram In addition to keeping up with friends and family, I love the Explore tab and following the occasional celebrity or two. For a photography novice like myself, it’s fun to play with filters and editing tools.

Vicky Hahn, Director of First Impressions: Evernote I am OCD about finding it fast! I use the mobile app to capture and organize stuff that pops into my head at random times during the day.  Ideas for presentations, to-do lists, recipes, travel info, etc. are sorted into their respective notebooks.

Shelly Graham, Developer: Apple iOS ‘News’ I decided to give the new News app a try and really like it. I liked that I could set it up so most of my news feed comes from professional, credible sources like the New York Times, BBC and NPR without the focus on comments and opinions.

Kate Peterson, Director of Client Services: Headspace I’m really loving Headspace right now. It’s a guided mediation app that makes learning meditation so much easier. I use it every morning and four weeks in I am already seeing some really nice benefits.

Art Knight, Designer: Instagram I like it because I can see tons of content from all over the world. from artists and musicians to news and comedy. Plus it’s a really low commitment. And it’s fun to think that somebody in Russia or Japan or wherever is checking out my vacation pictures.


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