The Benefits of Working at a Creative Agency

For those who work in marketing or design, a key point of debate often arises: is it better to work in-house at a company or with an agency?

While I personally have not had the experience of working in-house, I’ve come to enjoy the variety, endless creativity and even the chaos of working at an agency. Here are some of the main benefits of both working at and partnering with a creative agency:

  • Access to a variety of clients – At an agency, it’s rare to only contribute to one client’s business. Most often, employees work on between 2-5 client accounts, which offers endless variety and career experience. Don’t like spending your entire week on one project? Would you enjoy working with clients in vastly different industries, like natural foods and technology, all at once? Then working at a creative agency is a great choice for you.
  • Having the support of teams – At KO, no one is tasked to a client project on their own; we support our clients in teams. There are a few benefits to this, including that each team member is empowered to bring her or her own expertise to the account, which produces cohesive, integrated campaigns. Additionally, we can rely on team members for their creative input and direction when needed, and as a result we’re empowered to best support the client’s business needs.
  • A hard-working but easy going work environment – We’re proud to have an easy-going culture here that supports employees’ lives outside of work. Vacations and time off are encouraged and family and personal well-being are valued. Need to leave work early for an appointment? Or work from home to take care of a sick kid? We are here for you. However, our clients are never made to feel second and our commitment to their business will always be our top priority.
  • Free snacks, beer, kombucha and dog therapy – As I write this blog post, I’m snacking on goat cheese and a charcuterie board from a client photo shoot. Especially when working at an agency representing food brands, there are plenty of snacks to go around. And at KO, we keep a constant supply of local beers and kombucha on tap. The next time you come in for a business meeting, we’d love to join you for a pint! Last but not least, our resident dog, Kaia, is available for cuddles or to provide some stress relief if you’re in need!

Think you have what it takes to work at a creative agency? We’re always happy to meet for coffee and give you the low-down on working here!