Three Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Content Creation

If you work in marketing it feels safe to assume you’re familiar with the saying ‘Content is King’. Consumers of today have access to a never ending stream of information and if you aren’t delivering entertaining and informative content, they can find it elsewhere.

Of course knowing content production needs to be at the forefront of your marketing strategy and actually creating and deploying that content are completely different animals. So we’ll begin by posing three big questions, and bring you deeper thinking behind each in future posts:

1. What Can You Offer? It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there are valuable conversations you can be having with your consumers. Believe us, the talking points are there, it’s just a matter of listening to consumers and deciding what it is they want to see, watch or learn, and then turning those learnings into useful posts and discussions.

2. Where Should You Deploy Your Content? There’s no shortage of channels on which to share your content. In some cases, a combination of platforms is going to work well for your brand, while others might find great success on only one or two channels. Understanding audience behaviors and preferences will be your lifeline here.

3. How Will You Manage Your Content? Order can be achieved by incorporating two things: a post schedule and a manager. Post schedules should be considered your support system. They act as a template, and put structure behind the content you wish to share. But who is to compose, deploy and monitor the schedule? Meet your new best friend: your Community Manager. This person will not only push your media live, but they will also have the important task of monitoring and engaging with your audience. Consumers will expect engagement, and you need to be able to provide it.

Check back with us for a deeper exploration of what makes stellar content in Part Two of our King Content series.



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