Trendspotting: Four Fresh Ways Companies are Bringing Organics to the Masses

Companies are creating new business models that make organic eating more accessible, convenient and affordable. Some of the latest innovations in healthier and organic foods have a lot more to do with where you get it and what you pay for it than what’s in the food itself.

Here are just a few examples of exciting new business models shaking up the organic food business:

  1. Costco meets Whole Foods? Delivered to your door? Yes, there’s an app for that. Thrive Market promises to deliver organic groceries from your favorite brands up to 50% off.
  2. DIY Meal Kits. With an emphasis on organic ingredients, Chef’d, GreenChef and Green Blender are three of a slew of new companies delivering recipes and the fresh ingredients needed to make them at home.
  3. Mini & Mobile Markets. Markets like Stockbox in Seattle and Green Zebra here in Portland offer the convenience of a corner store with a focus on fresh, healthy groceries. 365 by Whole Foods is a scaled down version of the parent store that adds a discount program, everyday low prices and special sale items. My Street Grocery, a Portland grocery store on wheels acquired by Whole Foods, partners with health service providers, schools, social service agencies and others to make fresh food available to underserved populations.
  4. Fast Food Frenzy. Companies are proving organic food can be fast too. Backed by Costco founder Jim Sinegal, the Organic Coup offers organic fried chicken with fast food convenience while paying employees wages well above industry standards. Branches are already open in San Francisco, Pleasant Hill and Pleasanton, all in Northern California. In Southern California, Locali has three organic delis catering to vegans and omnivores alike with online ordering options for pickup or delivery.


What’s missing? What trends are you seeing? Send us your comments to info [at] koopmanostbo [dot] com



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