We’re Hiring A Project Manager!

We are seeking an experienced, collaborative, positive, ambitious and organized Project Manager to join our team.

The Project Manager ensures efficient, on-time delivery of creative content and supports account managers in nurturing and growing client relationships.The candidate for this position will be responsible for driving projects through the agency and keeping them on schedule and on budget. The job requires an aptitude for managing details such as schedules, budgets, partner relationships, client feedback and design rounds, keeping pace with changes in project scope, and responding to urgent client/project needs. While this person will work independently, it is critical that he or she work collaboratively with the account and creative team.  While also matching the dedication to the client & projects to the commitment to the internal team.

Project manager will report to the Director of Client Services.

To be eligible for consideration, please submit a resume and cover letter to Joe@koopmanostbo.com

Koopman Ostbo has been making a difference for brands in natural, organic, and sustainable consumer product goods category for nearly 25 years. Our commitment to building long-lasting relationships, understanding our clients’ goals and helping them succeed, and building world-class brands has made us experts in the business and audiences of natural and organic consumer products. We’re poised to help our clients change the way the world eats, drinks, and works, now and in the future, locally and internationally.  We’re proud to be a certified B Corp, and are committed to using business as a force for good.


  • Create and enforce project schedules within Basecamp 3 and track budgets in Harvest
  • Work with department leads to ensure internal or freelance resources are in place for project success
  • Review job requests with account managers and follow up on missing information or assets
  • Set up and maintain projects using the agency’s project management tool, Basecamp 3
  • Communicate with team and clients when schedule or budget adjustments are necessary
  • Manage multiple projects and make day-to-day decisions to ensure their success
  • Work closely with account managers to support and deepen client relationships
  • Work closely with creative team on design project rounds, ensuring client feedback is completed
  • Manage freelance team during projects
  • Apply knowledge across projects and clients, recognizing new opportunities for business growth

Required expertise/qualifications

  • Excellent project management and organizational skills
  • Basic understanding of and experience with marketing and business communications
  • Strong communication skills in conversation and in writing

Required Education/Experience

  • 3+ years of project management experience required
  • Direct client contact within an agency environment preferred
  • Experience in real estate or mortgage marketing a plus
  • Experience with Basecamp and Harvest a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field

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