What makes for a successful project?

What makes for a successful project?

Here at KO we believe there are three key areas to a successful project initiation. Creating consistency in our project kickoff phase ensures that our clients will always be satisfied with the outcome of any project. Read on to find out more about our process.   

Clear communications: It is important to learn the communication style of the client from the first set of initiation meetings. Not setting expectations on communications style early on could quickly derail the success of a project. We start by sharing our best practices and standards for project management and then ask questions because we understand that not all clients work in the same way.

Project Brief:  When kicking off a project of any type, it is important that both the internal team and the client share a mutual understanding of the scope of the project to ensure the project is completed on time and meets expectations. This process involves multiple people on the agency side from the account manager, to the creative director, designer and project manager. The end result of this process delivers a brief with the entire project outlined.

Project timeline: Speaking of guiding the project, a timeline is key. We start by asking if our clients are facing any internal or external deadlines to complete the project by. Project timelines are set up to include internal agency review time to check in on the progress of creative work and to ensure quality and consistency across the board. Through our client communications, we also know how much time a client will need to review rounds of work and who on their team needs to be included for review.

Look out for the next installment of the Project Management Series.