What’s B-yond?

As a proud member of the KO B Corp team who completed the B Impact Assessment last summer, and an on-going supporter and member of the B Corp community; I seem to get asked a couple of the same questions consistently. So here we go…

Since you became a certified B Corp, what difference is it making to brands you work with, to your B2B partners, or in the community?

The reality is that today’s conscious consumers are looking more toward third-party verification; such as the B Corp certification and Fair Trade labeling. New insights into consumer spending habits demonstrate how millennials, in particular, want to know where a product comes from, how sustainable it is, or how ethical a company is, and they have a strong desire to see third-party verification. Consumers, whether B2B or B2C, want to know about the companies they do business with. When every company claims to be a “conscious” company, it’s difficult to know what is true and who is real. A certification helps identify who is walking the walk versus talking the talk. It was important for KO to enter into a binding commitment to become transparent to all of our agency partners. We work with clients and partners who share our social and environmental ideals and we believe it does make a difference.

What’s next for ethical and forward-thinking companies to keep the momentum going?  

  • We in the B Corp community have an opportunity to participate in the B Corp Inclusion Challenge, which invites every B Corp to set goals and improve on 3 or more inclusion metrics by September 2017. It’s a way to challenge ourselves and remain connected to our mission and our community.
  • As of last month, a  new .eco web address can be purchased by companies and organizations committed to improving and caring for the environment. Organizations must first sign a pledge and create a public impact profile before they can claim an address.
  • For some organizations, the next step beyond purpose may be corporate activism and advocacy as a new direction for the greater good; similar to initiatives by Tom’s Shoes, Warby Parker and Supergoop.  

So much of the news today is doomsday based, but there are opportunities for business and individuals to shed light on initiatives that have a positive impact on our planet and to connect people with shared values. We at KO aim to continue to measure and improve upon our positive impact within the community and for our partners, with a sense of empowerment and hope for the future.


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