Why We Sit Together

At KO, we currently have 13 desks in one room and we love it. Here is why it works for us.

  • First and foremost: team-y-ness. The music is on, energy levels are up and sitting together fosters organic teamwork simply by physically being together. Face-to-face interactions are more frequent than emails and gchats which also helps to create the team vibe.
  • We solve challenges together through cross-departmental collaboration. The account team, creatives, public relations and new business sit in the room together and at any time we are brainstorming, talking through projects and bouncing ideas off each other.
  • It helps with our workflow and project management. Simply sitting together allows us to be up to speed, minute-by-minute throughout the day on what the team is working on and how projects are coming along.
  • Along those same lines, sitting together creates efficiencies. Instead of scheduling a formal meeting to ask a question, we can just ask the question and move the work forward.

whywesittogether_koopmanostbo_koblogTo make sure I wasn’t the only one loving our set up, I asked a few of my teammates what they like about being together in one room and we’re definitely on to something here…

  • “Being all together in one room creates an energy that contributes to good team collaboration. We frequently bounce ideas off each other.”
  • “I love sitting together as a big group because it allows me to problem solve more easily. If I have a roadblock or question, I can say, hey guys? I need help! And then 10 people jump in with solutions. There are also a lot of hilarious moments that happen throughout the day with everyone talking out loud to each other, and I love that.”
  • “Sitting together in one room truly makes us feel like one team, even though we work across different departments. I also love being able to jump in on chats about upcoming weekend plans and the latest Game of Thrones. It feels like we’re one big family.”
  • “My favorite thing about working in the same room together is it makes it easy to collaborate quickly on behalf of our clients. Our conversations keep things fresh as they can shift in a minute from bouncing ideas off one another to deciding which playlist we should be listening to during the day.”