Eugene Mission


Shifting perception to help change lives


Leading a mission to spread new hope


The Eugene Mission aims to permanently get the homeless within its community off the streets by providing holistic long-term solutions that lead to the wellness of its guests. A lingering public misconception existed, however, that the Mission was perpetuating the homeless problem rather than solving it, due to a lack of understanding how its programs affected long-term change. The correct message needed to be spread; regional residents had to know the Mission is Eugene’s mission.


When public opinion isn’t aligning with an organization's directive, a red flag should be raised over brand messaging. In this case, we instantly knew we needed to reposition Eugene Mission’s messaging in a way that better showcased how they’re helping the homeless and in turn, enhancing the entire community.

We started by developing a brand platform to create a consistent language for the telling of the Mission’s narrative. A new logo was designed with sky blue and sunshine yellow to focus on the bright hope the Mission has for its guests, a contrast from the dreariness often associated with homelessness. An accompanying tagline was included to redefine the Mission as A Wellness Center for the Homeless.

With this foundation laid, it was time to begin building a more accurate public perception. In order to reach the entire Eugene/Springfield community, we launched a multi touchpoint campaign including a TV spot, radio, transit, direct digital and social media advertising. The theme of the campaign was “hope rising,” spreading the uplifting message that people could help forever change a life by donating to the Mission, and in turn, better the community as a whole.


Talk about a change in perception. Following the campaign, Eugene Mission received an outpouring of support. Community members were suddenly much more connected to the Mission and had a richer understanding of the variety of programs it offered. Engagements like volunteering also saw a jump, and donations saw a 16% year over year growth.